Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Climate Change

Global Warming. Two words very common nowadays.
The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), released report called "Climate Change 2007".
ICCP report declared that till 2010 the temperature should raise from 1,8°C to 4°C.
These numbers are actually scary! If you think that you can live with 4 more degrees, and that wouldn't influence your life at all, just think about the difference between 99°C and 100°C when, for instance, you are boiling water.
These warming is already visible. Some countries, which usually have snow during the winter and temperature under 0°C, didn't had any snow this year. Some others will have this 2007 the hottest Summer in History!
Many birds will die, and much probably get extinct! Why you ask? Well, if they cannot know if it is winter or summer, they cannot survive! Some of them have to travel to far away to reproduce. Do you know what will happen if the birds start to die? The number of insects will raise! Do you like insects by the way? I don't! I also don't like too much deadly tropical poisonous snakes, but they'll appear soon in your yard to pay you a visit. Also, there is the plagues! Do you rememberer Moses and the 7 plagues in Egypt? There was one with grasshoppers. And that can actually happen because there is no birds to eat the insects! Well, and the grasshoppers will have to eat something! Yeah! They will eat your food! Your wheat, your corn, your soya, everything! Or the wheat, and the corn which would be for the cows, which would produce the milk, or the meat, will just feed the insects.
So people will starve, and the diseases will come! Not just the asthma and other respiratory illnesses! Are you forgetting about mosquito diseases? Yeah! Diseases such as West Nile Virus, Encephalitis, Dengue Fever, Malaria and Yellow Fever! Sounds good hein!
ICCP concluded that humans are the cause for this global warming with the emissions of gases- 2500 scientific experted reviewers; 800 contribution authors; 450 lead authors; all from 130 countries; 6 years of work; 4 volumes; 1 report?!!! Wow!!!
All this people took 6 years of work to discover what I already knew in primary school with 6 years old?
The problem is not the planet!!! WAKE UP!! The problem is US!! Human kind the problem!! WE ARE THE PROBLEM!! WE ARE THE PROBLEM!! WE! WE! Our cars, air conditioned, our lifestyles!! WE! WE! WE!
These Americans, specially! They make me sick! They have these Hummers, cars created there, a fuel wasting machine! Big, fat ugly people, driving big cars to go to the mall, to MacDonald's that is already in the corner: "Oh my God! It's a flood! It's an Hurricane! It's a Tornado!" Good for them to eat their own poison! They didn't signed Kyoto till this day! Well, actually Kyoto is a big Joke! They don't burn in the country, but they'll go to Africa instead.
I hope this level of oceans will cause many problems in the US coasts, just for them to see! Cause they live in their "free world", where the information is filtered for their "own good"!! Maybe swimming a little bit they will lose some Kilos! Yeah! Not pounds but k-i-l-o-s!!
Well, good luck world!!! ;)

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